Cheats for Chronicles of Narnia (PC)

Defeating the White Witch:
To defeat the White Witch in the last level, run until 
she does a backflip. Then, above her head a circle will 
read "5+". Hit her five times, then a bow
and arrow will appear. Shoot her with Susan. Then, hit 
her with Edmund. She will call giant ogres to attack you. 
Kill them with the barrels. Repeat, then set the barrels 
on fire and hit her with them. Repeat the first process, 
repeat again, then Susan can blow the Ivory Horn to summon Aslan, 
the king of Narnia. After that, the level will be completed.

Restore health for all children:
Hold L and press Down, Left, Left, Right during game play. 
Note: This code requires a controller.

Full warmth:
When entering a new area or screen, save the game then restart. 
You will start with full warmth.
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