Cheats for Cannon Fodder 1 (PC)

Cheat Code
To skip levels go to the map screen, hold down CTRL key (which is
located in the bottom right hand of your keyboard, for you slow
ones!) And type in 'Fodder'.  A white boarder will/should appear
around the screen.   No exit the map and return to the game.
When you press 'ENTER' a message will appear on the screen saying,
"Phase Complete."  Now you can move onto the next level and ditto,
it's as simple as that.

Cheat Edit
Edit save game, change the value of offset for different stuff:

offset   valid value
00       00-47          Current Mission
0C       00-23          Show Mission Briefings
48       00-FF          Kills by Leader
4C       00-0E          Rank of Leader 00-Private 0E-General
58       00-0E          Rank 2nd
64       00-0E          Rank 3rd
70       00-0E          Rank 4th
7C       00-0E          Rank 5th
12       00-FF          Number of Recruits
6F2      00-FF          Number of Kills
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