Cheats for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PC)

Quicker Melee:

Remember you could melee faster with Akimbo USP .45s in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?

Well you can still do it in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Just equip USP Akimbo and

use your knife, you will noticed that you will be pulling out your knife faster.

How to tell you are host:

Press Tilde (`) or Shift + Tilde. If a Remote Console (or Rcon) shows up. Then you are

the host. This is more noticeable with Shift + Tilde because it shows the entire killfeed

from the round before.

Ladder: Aim Time:

Prior to climbing a ladder, press the melee button, and then begin to climb. If timed

correctly (for example the ladder on Seatown), the character will no longer need to

bring out his gun and therefore upon reaching the top of the ladder, the gun will

already be brought out ready to fire. This can save time and may benefit in you getting

a kill.

Survival Mode [Solo Play]:

This is how you get many cash in MW3 SURVIVAL MODE SOLO PLAY ONLY!!

1. Open the latest Cheat Engine (I used 6.1)

2. Open the game, Survival Mode MW3.

3. When the game starts, kill an enemy. After that, put how many cash you've earned on

Cheat Engine and First Scan.

4. Do step 3 again and again until you get 4 addresses in the address bar.

5. Double click all of the addresses and change all of their values to: 50,000

6. After changing, click the boxes on the left of the addresses [All of those 4 boxes]

7. Then, go back to the game and kill another enemy then walah!

Note: You cannot be banned by VAC cause you're on solo play, don't do it online.

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