Cheats for Blood 2: Nightmare Levels (PC)

Cheat Codes
Press T for the "Talk" feature, then enter one of the following
codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

mpgoble-"Brian L. Goble is a programming god!" message
mpscorpio-"Brian L. Goble is a programming god!" message
mptotaro-"Jim Totaro is da man!" message
mpnewcroward-100 armor
mpward-25 to armor
mpreallynicenurse-300 health
mpnicenurse-Add 25 to health
mpgoshopping-All items
mpkfa-All weapons
mpassaultrifle-Assault rifle
mpberetta-Beretta; enter again for dual weapon
mpbugbuster-Bug buster
mpcaleb-Changes character model to Caleb
mpophelia-Changes our character model to Ophelia
mpgabby-Changes your character model to Gabriella
mpishmael-Changes your character model to Ishmael
mplaserrifle-Cobalco laser rifle
mpcombatshotgun-Combat shotgun
mpbeansofcoolness-Extra weapons
mpflaregun-Flare gun; enter again for dual weapon
mpammo-Full ammo
mphealthy-Full health
mpgod-God mode
mphideme-Hide coordinates
mpspeedup (1-5)-Increase speed
mpstronger (1-5)-Increase strength
mpbeefcake-Increased power; more gore
mpkillemall-Kill all monsters on level
mplifeleech-Life Leech
mpnapalmcannon-Napalm cannon
mpclip-No clipping
mpshotgun-Sawed-off shotgun; enter again for dual weapon
mpsingularity-Singularity generator
mpsniperrifle-Sniper rifle
mpsubmachinegun-Sub-machine gun; enter again for dual weapon
mpteslacannon-Tesla cannon
mpflayer-The Flayer
mptheorb-The Orb
mpfollowme-Third person view, requires v1.01
mpherkermur-Triple damage Power-up
mpwhereami-View coordinates
mpvoodoo-Voodoo doll
mpcarbonfiber-Will power power-up
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