Cheats for Blake Stone (PC)

These need v2.0 and work for both shareware
and registered versions.  Or at least they should.

The cheat parameters:

POWERBALL  : Enables Debug keys. Requires the
[LShift] & [RShift] to be held down during the
JAM logo Intro.  You must keep holding these keys
until the "PC-13 screen" is loaded.  You will hear
a "Ching" sound durring the intro when Debug Mode
has successfully been enabled.
Use [BackSpace]+[{Letter keys}].

TICS :  Display TIC INFO in score area.
MUSIC : Enable music test mode
[BackSpace]+[Arrows] changes music.
RADAR : Add a level map to the screen.

Type JAM[Enter] during play to get everything
you could possibly need.

Cheat edit Reg ver only
search 29 3E A7 51 83 3E A7 51 00
change 90 90 90 90 __ __ __ __ __
unlimit bullet
search FF 0E B1 51 6A 00 0E
change 90 90 90 90 __ __ __
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