Cheats for Black Star: First Attack (PC)

Cheat codes:
undead1              - invulnerability
help1                - 100000 C.U.
ep1lev1,..,ep1lev7   - episode1 levels
ep2lev8,..,ep2lev14  - episode2 levels
ep3lev16,..,ep3lev23 - episode3 levels
ep4lev24,..,ep4lev31 - episode4 levels
ep5lev32,..,ep5lev37 - episode5 levels
ep6lev38,..,ep6lev44 - episode6 levels
ep7lev46,..,ep7lev52 - episode7 levels
ep8lev54,..,ep8lev60 - episode8 levels

Attention! The passwords have two levels of priority. It means, 
that the passwords with the 1st priority are executed immediately 
after the entering it, and the passwords with the 2nd level of 
priority are executed after a beginning of the game or after 
the passwords of 1st level of priority.

invinsibility + money + 3 levels
1. undead1
2. help1
3. ep1lev3
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