Cheats for Black Dahlia (PC)

Here are the cheat codes:
PUZZLE?   DESCRIPTION?                            CODE?
P8        Stained Glass Puzzle                    leadhead
P11       Winslow's Safe Puzzle                   masterlock
P14       Wooden House/Lockbox Puzzle             loghouse
P15       Dresser in Louie's Loft Puzzle          turnkey
P21       Raven Room Circular Table Puzzle        arthur
P22       Seal Puzzle                             ringding
P26       Bag Of Runes Puzzle                     gemstone
P27       Dream - Archway Puzzle                  cancan
P32       Pressure Gauges Puzzle                  pressure
P34       Sewer Levers/Bars Puzzle                barbell
P35       Raven Room Door Plates Puzzle           triangle
P36       Candlestick In Raven Room Puzzle        nimble
P38       Sun/Planets/Door Puzzle                 sunspot
P39       Gearshift Puzzle - Treasure Door #1     ladybug
P40       Key Puzzle - Treasure Door #2           keypunch
P41       Half-A-Gear Puzzle - Treasure Door #3   gearoil
P44       Main Chamber Column Puzzle              temple
P46       Slider Puzzle                           blockhead
P47       Stone Blocks Puzzle                     rock33
P59       Luggage Crate On Train Puzzle           boxtop
P67       Cane Lock Puzzle                        candycane
P68       Telegram Puzzle                         teleport
P73       Telescope Puzzle                        peeper
P76       Cuckoo Clock Puzzle                     bongo
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