Cheats for Black Closet (PC)

Black Closet Console Commands:
While playing, hit Shift+O (the letter) to open up the console. You can 
then enter commands to change stats in the game. Codes are entered as 
Command = Value. To change the value of a Minion's stats, you need to 
enter their name followed by an underscore, then a period and the value
being changed. For example: = # The Minion stats are 
Social, Intimidation, Observation, Stealth and Loyalty.

karma = [number]                        - set Council Karma               
reputation = [number]                   - set School Reputation           
[minion name]_.intimidation = [number]  - set Intimidation stat for minion
[minion name]_.loyalty = [number]       - set Loyalty stat for minion     
[minion name]_.observation = [number]   - set Observation stat for minion 
[minion name] = [number]        - set Social stat for minion      
[minion name]_.stealth = [number]       - set Stealth stat for minion     
training.room_total.points = [number]   - set training points for Minions
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