Cheats for Bella Sara (PC)

Get more Bella Sara cards:
Kinda obvious, but on facebook, a bella sara club, or i-dressup or whatever,
ask someone if they wanna trade bella sara cards. You know to trade, it has 
to be unused? well say it is unused, type in the code and let the other 
person give you the cheat. Hopefully, the person doesn't just give you a 
fake one or does this cheat, so if they don't you have an extra card.

Bella Sara Cheats:
Enter one of the following passwords. 
CODE:           CHEAT:
ADV2-2345      - Its A Water Horse
5x567HY76      - Bellas Baby      
76566TRY5      - Baby Bella       
847HC8247      - Bella            
J4GI34T4Y8     - Bag              
BABSNUGGLE     - Blanket          
28743HGH73     - Sea Horse        
38UHU4         - Unicorn          
Code           What horse can you get?
6DTSLF2GDW     - Starfighter or Konfu
5X5724MSCZ     - Ghost   or   Walter
9R4FDCR3KJ     - Alibi   or  Moonlight
FDH5R59C5Z     - Halloween or Lucas
FDH5NTZD4R     - Lucas  or  Artemis
DNS49QP3CR     - Graia
9QRP62PMGD     - Juno
ZDWWPFTCKJ     - Bukefalos
6F4S9ZJRPH     - Moonlight or Lucky Light
ZCC9M5XDMQ     - Persephone
6HNZW3X4Q9     - Rose  or    Eagle
BAB#-ADV2-2345 - Bellisimo
Fdwqc2zzcw     - Santos  or Kio
FDS47CXLF6     - Jonathan or Yung
6F3LLPHTNQ     - Saga  or  Colour
fdzn2x9znp     - Honey  or   Nanna
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