Cheats for Beetle Crazy Cup (PC)

Enter one of the following player names to activate the corresponding
cheat function. Note: If you create a new player with the name you wish, 
and then input one of the codes, it will work with the new player. 
You must only save the results prior to leaving the game. 
All entries must be in lower-case.

xpiral       - All tracks unlocked           
pelas        - $999,999 to start a new game  
screen       - Press [F8] for screen shot    
luna         - Moon track                    
wireframe    - Wireframe graphics            
video<1-4>   - View selected FMV sequence    
fps          - View frame rate               

Crash other cars:
Press [Alt] + [Tab] to switch back to the Windows desktop 
during game play. All cars in view, including your own, 
will go out of control. Wait several seconds, then 
press [Alt] + [Tab] to return to the game. All other cars 
should still be out of control, while you can regain control.
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