Cheats for Battlefield 2 (PC)

Enter one of the following console commands on a server 
to activate the corresponding cheat functions.

mapList.list                          - List map ID, name, mode, & players numb.
mapList.configFile                    - Set path to "_mapList.con" file
mapList.load                          - Reload "_mapList.con" file                          - Save current map list to "_mapList.con"
mapList.mapCount                      - Show number of maps in current map list
mapList.currentMap                    - Show map list ID number of current map
mapList.clear                         - Clear current map list
mapList.remove [name]                 - Remove specified map from map list
admin.listPlayers                     - List players connected
admin.runNextLevel                    - End round and start next map on map list
admin.currentLevel                    - View map list ID number for current map
admin.nextLevel                       - View map list ID number for the next map
admin.restartMap                      - Restart current map
admin.banPlayer [id number] [timeout] - Ban indicated player by ID; 
                                        see below for timeout values
admin.banPlayerKey [key hash] [timeout]         - Ban indicated player by CD key
                                                   see below for timeout values - 
admin.addAddressToBanList [ip address] [timeout] - Ban indicated player by IP; 
                                                   see below for timeout values
admin.removeAddressFromBanList [ip address] - Remove IP address from ban list
admin.removeKeyFromBanList [key hash]       - Remove CD key hash from ban list
admin.clearBanList                          - Clear all ban lists
admin.listBannedAddresses                   - List banned IP addresses
admin.listBannedKeys                        - List banned CD keys
admin.kickPlayer [ID number]                - Kick indicated player

Ban values - Use one of the following entries with the banning commands. 
perm           - Permanent ban
round          - Until next map
[whole number] - Number of seconds
[whole number] - Epoch expiration date; seconds since 1/1/1970

Remote Console Access:

To setup remote console access to the server:
On the server create a new plain text document in admin called default.cfg
Enter the following text into the new file:


Save the file, and start the server. Now you can access the server 
remotely by using the following commands from a client:

- rcon login         - Use this command to login to the server.
- rcon users         - This command lists all the users connected 
                       to the server. Very similar to admin.listPlayers
- rcon exec          - Replace with a console command you would like to execute
                       on the server. For example: rcon exec admin.kickPlayer 3
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