Cheats for Battleborn (PC)

Golden Skins SHiFT Code (Benedict, ISIC, and Shayne & Aurox):
From the main menu, head to the Extras menu and select the SHiFT option. 
Sign up for an account, or log into one if you already have it, 
then enter the below code:


The code will work for a limited time only, and is good for use with all 
retail copies of the game during that period (in all regions). It unlocks 
three Golden Skins: Shayne & Aurox's "War and Peace" skin, Benedict's 
"Gold Eagle" skin, and ISIC's "I'm the Root of All Evil" skin.

Additional Battleborn:
You can access additional Battleborn characters by either leveling up to 
the corresponding rank (indicated in parentheses below), or by meeting 
the corresponding requirements.

Shayne & Aurox (6)   - Complete 5 co-op missions or matches 
                       with at least 1 other player.
Reyna (8)            - Get 50 assists in Versus matches.
Benedict (10)        - Wine 5 matches as a Peacekeeper character.
Galilea (12)         - Kill 800 minions of any type.
Ambra (14)           - Win 5 matches as a Jennerit character.
Whiskey Foxtrot (16) - Win 15 matches.
Kelvin (18)          - Win 5 matches as an Eldrid character.
El Dragon (20)       - Win 5 matches as an LLC character.
Phoebe (22)          - Kill 50 enemy players.
Toby (24)            - Win 5 matches as a Rogue character.
Boldur (26)          - Complete The Experiment.
Caldarius (28)       - Complete The Renegade.
Isic (30)            - Complete The Algorithm.
Attikus (32)         - Kill 800 Jennerit enemies.
Mellka (34)          - Complete The Heliophage.
Kleese (36)          - Earn a Silver rating on all Story missions.
Deande (38)          - Complete The Heliophage on Advanced.
Ghalt (40)           - Earn a Silver rating on all Story missions 
                       on Advanced difficulty.
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