Cheats for Banjo Tooie (PC)

Cheat Code Wishes:
Go to the Mayhem Temple near Wumba's Wigwam and enter any of the 
following "Codes". First enter 'CHEATO' followed by the code 

SREHTAEF          - Double Feather Carrying Capacity 
SGGE              - Double Egg Carrying Capacity 
NESTKING          - Unlimited Eggs and Feathers 
KCABYENOH         - Unlimited Air and Health 
SUPERBANJO        - Banjo Moves Faster 
SUPERBADDY        - Enemies Move Faster 
XOBEKUJ           - Music Test Unlimited in Jolly Roger Bay 
HONEYBACK         - Unlimited Health 
FOORPLLAF         - No Damage When Falling 
YGGIJTEG          - Jiggy Hints Given by Signs in Master Jiggywiggy's House 
PLAYITAGAINSON    - All Replay Sub-Options Unlocked 
JIGGYSCASTLIST    - View Ending Sequence
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