Cheats for Balls Of Steel (PC)

Depress the Print Screen key before entering codes.

BUCKET: table specific cheat.
COUCH POTATO: video modes ready.
ELOI: reduces time.
EVIL TWIN: 2-ball ready.
FREAKSHOW: extra ball lit.
GRAND CANYON: toggles the ball blocker.
LAST LEGS: sets the final ball.
MORLOCK: increases time.
NERF GUN: super cannon ready.
PITCHFORK: adds points.
POPCORN: super pops lit.
ROACH MOTEL: crawler attack lit.
T-MINUS 1: target practice ready.
T-MINUS 2: bug hunt ready.
T-MINUS 3: guard duty ready.
T-MINUS 4: xenophobia ready.
T-MINUS 5: meteor storm ready.
T-MINUS 6: rescue ready.
T-MINUS 7: showdown ready.
T-MINUS 8: final assault ready.
TRIPLETS: three ball ready.
WARP CORE: powerball enabled.
WHODUNNIT: table specific cheat.
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