Cheats for Backyard Baseball 2005 (PC)

Aquadome Stadium:
Hit a homerun into the water at Frasier Field, Steele Stadium, 
and Gator Flats.

Baseball Darts Mini-game:
Score a 40 or better in the fielders challenge.

Mr. Clanky:
Complete Mr. Clanky's coaching box.

Pedro Martinez:
Throw a shut-out.

Mike Piazza:
Hit a grand slam.

Barry Dejay:
Enter HOOPS as a new coach name to unlock Barry Dejay.

Championship game stadium:
To get the field that you play the championship in, simply win 
the world series undefeated (by going 4-0 in the series) and 
then create a new coach and team then choose that field as 
your home field. (this is the stadium where you play the 
all-star game at also, it is the one with the hot dog holding a bat, 
behind the center field wall.)
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