Cheats for Avorion (PC)

Enter one of the following codes during game play:
/give "Your Nickname" Avorion 100000            - Gives 100000 Avorion.
/give "Your Nickname" Credits 1000000           - Gives 1000000 Credits.
/teleport "player name" XCoordinate YCoordinate - Teleport Cheat.

Note: Keep the quotation marks.
"Your Nickname". For players with spaces in their name you have to 
use quotes to get it to work.

/give "player name" -g amount 

"player name" is the player you want to give it to
"-g" is the item (can be any material or credits)
"amount" is amount you want

For Example: /give "Your Nickname" Avorion 10000 - Gives 10000 Avorion
Note2: You might have to remove the space in your steam name to get 
the command to work.
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