Cheats for Aquanox 1 (PC)

Start the game with the command-line
parameter '-redrum -stendek'. Now during gameplay,
press any of the following:

Code 	Result
F7 	God Mode
F8 	Invisibility
F10 	Mission Complete AUTO
F11 	Mission Complete MANUAL
F12 	Mission Failed


Open up the aquanox/dat/sav folder. With a text editor, open up the
file player_start.des In it you can change the amount of credits you
start the game with. I used 999999 as my amount and it worked fine.
If you try more, it might crash. After all, you will see a warning
"Do not modify" at the top of the file, so don't get greedy. This amount
will carry over into the missions as you progress. You can buy any ship
and weapons that are available.
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