Cheats for Airport Tycoon 3 (PC)

Have the game patched to the latest version. 
Use a text editor to edit the "airlines" file in the 
"\program files\global star software\airport tycoon 3\data\db" directory.

All airlines unllocked - Set the value for the "QUALITY" line to "1". 
All planes             - Change the date value of each airplane to "1/1970". 
All buildings          - Change the date value after the "destroy" line 
                          of each building to "1/1970". 
Free items             - Change the value before the word "BUILD" 
                          in each line to "0". Also, change the value 
                          after the word "MONTHLYCOST" to "0".

Enter the following codes for the desired effect.
DoEarthquake     - Invoke Earthquake
MassDrop Get     - Huge Airport
INeedCash Get    - 100.000.000 extra money
DoTornado        - Invoke Tornado
SetBudget xxx    - Get xxx extra money
SetCash xxx      - get xxx extra money
HideGame         - Hide Game
ShowGame         - Unhide Game

Easy money:
Place a lot of bathroom stalls in a passenger terminal, then save the game. 
Demolish all the toilets . Your money will increase. Save the game again. 
Load the saved game.The toilet stalls will re-appear, and you will still 
have your previous amount of money. Repeat this as many times as desired.
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