Stellaris (PC)

Press the [~] (Tilde, the key above [Tab]) 
key to bring up the cheat console in-game and 
type the following for desired effect.
Engineering [value]          - Adds engineering points.
Influence [value]            - Adds influence.
Minerals [value]             - Adds minerals.
Resource [resource] [amount] - Adds specified amount/specified resource.
Skills [value]               - Adds specified number of skills.
Instant_Build                - Enables instant build.
Cash [value]                 - Sets energy amount.
research_technologies        - Unlocks all technologies.
help                         - See a list of available commands.
Cash [amount]                - Adds cash.
Influence [amount]           - Adds influence.
Physics 50000                - Adds Physics.
Society [amount]             - Adds society.
add_trait_species            - Adds trait 
                               (i.e. add_trait_species human intelligent).
invincible                   - Invincibility activated.
Damage [amount]              - Selected ship suffers damage.
Crash                        - Crashes the game.
Ftl                          - Activate/deactivate unlimited Ftl.
Contact                      - Activate/deactivate contact with all.
[Selected Planet] populate   - Fills all free slots on selected planet with pop
Survey                       - Surveys all planets.
Techuptade                   - Resets the player tech tree.
overnight                    - Preps for overnight session (i.e. overnight 3).
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