No Man's Sky (PC)

Easy money:
Shoot asteroids near a space station to mine their elements, return to the space station, 
sell everything, and repeat as many times as desired. This is the fastest and easiest 
method to getting money -- and it works anywhere at any time. There are infinite asteroids.
Some of them even contain rare metals that sell for much higher prices, but mostly you will
find thamium. It is not worth much, but the fact that you can get 100 of them in one second
is worth the trouble (100 thamium is worth 2,000 units). You also do not have to wander off
too far from the space station since there are asteroids everywhere. This is best done in 
a solar system with high thamium prices. Make sure you have a clean inventory in your ship 
and suit.

Make lots of Bypass Chips and sell them. They only cost 10 plutonium and 10 iron to make, 
and the blueprint is unlocked from the start. They are the two most common elements. While
10 of these elements are worth almost nothing, a bypass chip is worth 3,500 units. Obtain 
a lot of iron and plutonium, go to a space station, craft bypass chips, and sell them until
you run out of resources. Then, repeat the process. You will make 35,000 units from 100 
plutonium and 100 iron (selling the elements alone would give you only 5,000 units).

Visit Atlas Interfaces (formerly Atlas Stations) and get the Atlas Stones. They sell for 
70k units (after patch 1.03). Before the patch they sold for 270k.

Stack up on rare metals (gold, titanium, etc.). All the elements with a green background 
color are worth a lot. Gold is the best one. Some planets have a lot of gold. This is 
random, but if you find such a planet, you should take advantage of it. Gold usually comes
in the form of giant rocks. You can find a lot of it on radioactive planets.

Everything you discover can be uploaded (and renamed) when connected to the game servers.
You will get money for doing this. This is helpful for getting things going early in the 
game. When the current space station does not offer a good price for your stuff, sell it 
at the next station.
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