Europa Universalis: Crown of the North (PC)

Press [TAB] while playing then type any of the following codes.
STEFANREHN   - God Mode 
DIMMUBORGIR  - Show All Buildings 
UTOPIA       - Rebels are Defeated 
MANUNITED    - Add $5000 
AIK          - Lose $5000 
SVENSK       - Enemy Doesn't Declare War 
BURP         - No Events 
RICHARDNICE  - Add 1000 Victory Points 
RICHARDBAD   - Lose 1000 Victory Points 
KILLSTIG     - Kills Hertig Stig 
KILLVALDEMAR - Kills Hertig Valdemar 
KILLERIK     - Kills Hertig Erik 
KILLBIRGER   - Kills Konung Birger 
KILLMENVED   - Kills Menved 
KILLHAAKON   - Completes the Game
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