Чит коды на Wave Race Blue Storm (GBC)

In-game reset:
Hold X + B + Start during game play.

Ride a Dolphin:
Enter DLPHNMOD as a password.

Alternate Costumes:
At the character selection screen, highlight a character and press the Z button.

Free Turbo Boosts:
On both the Ethnic Lagoon and Aspen Lake tracks, there are small ramps near the lap marker on the the left-hand side of the track. Jump the ramp and you'll be given a free turbo boost, regardless of your turbo meter.

Messing With The Load Screen:
While waiting for a track to load, when your on the screen displaying the track name, mess around with the analog stick. It has an effect on the water.

Messing With The Start Screen:
When the Start logo appears on the Title Screen, move the left analog stick around to move the Start logo around.

Try! Mode:
Enter training mode and complete all training objectives under the beginner and master settings to unlock the stunt course variation of Dolphin Park in training mode

Turbo Start:
To begin the race with full turbo, hit your accelerator as soon as the starting light turns green.

Unlock All Weather Conditions (In Time Trail Mode):
In the Expert Championship, finish in the following positions to unlock the corresponding conditions:
First Place: Unlock All Time Trail Weather Conditions for Expert Difficulty.
Second Place: Unlock All Time Trail Weather Conditions for Hard Difficulty.
Third Place: Unlock All Time Trail Weather Conditions for Normal Difficulty.

Unlock Hidden Tournament Password Option:
At the Options Menu, press the following at the same time: X + Z + Start This will open up a Password option. To compete in official Time Attack Challenges, enter passwords here.

Unlock Secret Tracks:
Complete Championship Mode on thefollowing settings to unlock the corresponding tracks:
Cool Ocean: Beat Championship Mode on Normal setting.
Aqua Maze: Beat Championship Mode on Hard setting.
Victory Gate: Beat Championship Mode on Expert setting.
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