Чит коды на Pikmin (GBC)

Help Drown Pikmin:
Just throw some blue pikmin near them and they'll throw them back to the shore.

Big Pikmin Grower:
In the impact site, bomb-rock the wall next to the stump. Take blue pikmin out and go there. There are some clams that have pearls worth 50 sprouts and one has a part. Just throw a couple in the mouths. When they start to open their mouths, call them back. It may be a bit slow, but it's worth it!

View Fireworks:
As the master of the Pikmin, you have some royal treatment coming your way. Press Down (on the D-Pad) for 4 Pikmin to carry you back to base. You'll see a fireworks display held just for you. Or, if you want, just stand still long enough.
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