Чит коды на Madden NFL 2002 (GBC)

700+ Madden Card Points:
In the two minute drill go into a team and alter all of the defensive characteristics to 15 points (this is as low as you can go). After this is done, select to play against that team in the 2 minute drill, then pick a good team of your own to play with. During the two minute drill select a running play, toss or sweep, and keep running the ball into the endzone. Running plays gives you more points than passing. After you score a touchdown use a two point conversion to gain extra points. Using this you should be able to score 96 points on the Madden level to get over 700 points to use to buy cards.

Unlimited creation points:
You should follow these directions exactly.Create a player, then go to the edit a player screen at the roster screen. Press down or up to choose the player you want to edit. Press Right to get to the speed category. Choose attributes to adjust them up to 99 points each.

Passing tip:
If you hold down the button of the receiver that you would like to throw to, it'll throw a bullet to him. If you only tap the button, it'll throw a lob to him.

Receiving tip:
When there are two or more guys defending your receiver and you throw to him.If you dont catch it, as soon as the ball hits either you or the defenders and they don't catch it, press Y or B to increase your chances of catching the tipped ball.
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