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Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer (GBC)

Select the "Extras" option, then choose "Cheats". Enter following code at the cell phone:
7145558092 - Master code
2125551776 - Maximum stats
6195554141 - All boards
6265556043 - All tricks
9495556799 - All surfers
7025552918 - All suits
8565558792 - All objectives completed
3285554497 - Level select
2175550217 - Higher jumps
2135555721 - Perfect balance
3235559787 - Play as Tony Hawk
3105556217 - Play as Freak
8005556292 - Play as Travis Pastrana
8185555555 - Play as Rainbow
8885554506 - Play as Tiki God
8185551447 - Trippy graphics
8775553825 - First person view. Pause game play and choose the "Camera Settings" option to change the view.
*An "Unlocked" message will confirm correct codes entry.
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