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Freekstyle (GBC)

Enter as a code:
SOMONEY - Master code
BUSPASS - All tracks
FACTORY - All bikes
FULLHOUS - All characters
HOOKEDUP - All costumes
FREEBIE - Unlimited boost
MO BOOST - Full boost for every trick you land
SQUATTER - No bike
WTCHKPRS - Slow motion effect
FTAIL - Low gravity
GOBIGNOW - Freekout meter fills quicker
ALLFREEK - Freekout Time always active
COOLDUDE - Clifford Adoptante
TOUGHGUY - Mike Jones
BLONDIE - Jessica Patterson
GIMEGREG - Greg Albertyn
HELMET - Rider wears a helmet
BURNDUP - Burn It Up track
TOPOCROS - Gnome Sweet Gnome track
SNKEEYES - Let It Ride track
LAUNCHIT - Rocket Garden track
DREMHAUS - Crash Pad FreeStyle track
TRLRTRSH - Burbs FreeStyle track
WHOZASKN - Brian Deegan's Dominator bike
HEDBANGR - Brian Deegan's Heavy Metal bike
WHATEVER - Brian Deegan's Mulisha Man bike
RIPPED - Brian Deegan's Muscle Bound costume
SOLDIER - Brian Deegan's Commander costume
SUPDUDE - Clifford Adoptante's Gone Tiki bike
STOKED - Clifford Adoptante's Hang Loose bike
GOFLOBRO - Clifford Adoptante's Island Spirit bike
WINGS - Clifford Adoptante's Tiki costume
NOSLEEVE - Clifford Adoptante's Tankin' It costume
NUMBER1 - Greg Albertyn's Champion bike
PATRIOT - Greg Albertyn's National Pride bike
ALLSHOOK - Greg Albertyn's The King bike
ILOOKGUD - Greg Albertyn's Sharp Dresser costume
COMET - Greg Albertyn's Star Rider costume
LIGHTNIN - Jessica Patterson's Charged Up bike
TONBOY - Jessica Patterson's Racer Girl bike
HEKACOOL - Jessica Patterson's Speedy bike
LAYERS - Jessica Patterson's Warming Up costume
NOT2GRLY - Jessica Patterson's Hoodie Style costume
OVENMITT - Leeann Tweeden's Hot Stuff bike
GOODLOOK - Leeann Tweeden's Seducer bike
STYLIN - Leeann Tweeden's Trendsetter bike
THNKPINK - Leeann Tweeden's Fun Lovin' costume
SPICY - Leeann Tweeden's Red Hot costume
KICKBUTT - Mike Jones' Beater bike
PLUNGER - Mike Jones' Flushed bike
HORNS - Mike Jones' Lil' Demon bike
BABYBLUE - Mike Jones' Blue Collar costume
BOXCARS - Mike Jones' High Roller costume
EYEDROPS - Mike Metzger's Bloodshot bike
SEVENTWO - Mike Metzger's Rhino Rage bike
BRRRRRAP - Mike Metzger's Rock Of Ages bike
HELLOOOO - Mike Metzger's Ecko MX costume
BODYART - Mike Metzger's All Tatted Up costume
TWONEONE - Stefy Bau's 211 bike
HEREIAM - Stefy Bau's Amore bike
SPARKLES - Stefy Bau's Disco Tech bike
KIDSGAME - Stefy Bau's Playing Jax costume
INVASION - Stefy Bau's UFO Racer costume
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