Cheats for Teen Titans (GBC)

Multiplayer Mode Characters:
All you have to do is just play through Story Mode and eventually
unlock characters.

Multiplayer Mode Stages:
Just play through Story Mode to unlock Multiplayer Mode Stages.

Super Pooper Mode:
During the opening themesong without the words, when the game starts,
Press(very quickly):

A B A B C-stick up L R A c-stick down left-toggle A right-toggle B L R L R

If done correctly Larry the titan will start singing to the song.
(You will hear is voice). And at the "One to three four go!",
instead of go he makes a fart noise with his mouth and giggles.
Then, during gameplay, if you start a new game, the characters
will be farting and then subtitles at the bottom will appear
for characters that say things like "Oh, excuse me!" ,
"Shouldn't have had the bean burrito!", "Sorry about that!" ect.
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