Cheats for Shadow the Hedgehog (GBC)

All Hail Shadow song:
Complete the Hero storyline.

All Of Me Song:
Complete the Last Story.

Almost Dead Song:
Complete the Dark storyline.

Easy ammunition:
Go to the stage were you have to kill the Chaos. There is a room near two
GUN soldiers and a Chaos that has two weapon boxes in it. Break both boxes,
then go in the room with the GUN soldiers. Go back and the boxes will be
there again. You can repeat this as many times as desired.

Egg Vacuum:
Complete the Neutral storyline with the Hero ending. Use the Egg Vacuum to
suck up 20 objects to gain an extra life.

Expert mode:
Get an "A" rank in all stages to unlock Expert mode.

Heal Cannon:
Complete the Hero storyline.

Last Story:
Successfully complete every sixth stage in Story mode, then get all ten
Hero and Dark storyline endings to unlock the Last Story.
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