Cheats for Бэтмен. На Страже Города (GBC)

Also known as: Batman: Vengeance
At the Main menu, press:
Master code - L, R, L, R, X(x2).
Invincibility - L, R, X, L, R, Y, L.
All items - L, R, Y(x2).
All power moves - L(x2), R(x2), L, R, L, R.
Infinite Batarangs - L, R, Y, B, L or L, R, B, Y, L.
Infinite electric Batarangs - L, R, Y, X.
Infinite Batlauncher - Y, X, Y, X, L, R, L, R.
Infinite Handcuffs - X, Y, X, Y, L, R(x2), L(x2).
Bruce in Warehouse level disguise - L, R(x2), L, R(x2), L, R, L, R(x2), L then hold L while selecting the level.
*A sound will confirm correct codes entry.
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