Чит коды на Worms: Armageddon (NGB)

Также известная как: Червяки: Армагеддон
Level Password
Jungle1 2512
Cheese1 2563
Medical1 1655
Desert1 4216
Tools 5226
Egypt 1245
Hell 2643
Treehut 4136
Garden 5413
Snow 3266
Constyrd 2255
Pirate 3631
Fruit 1451
Alien 3644
Circuit 4333
Medieval 6316
Moon 5511

1. Default level, no code required.

1: Skeletal worm
2: Pink worm
3: Dynamite
4: Red worm
5: Banana bomb
6: Blue worm (drowning)

Hint: All weapons
Enter the options menu and choose the most times you can use that
move without being infinite. Go into a Quickstart game and you will
have all weapons.

Extra jetpack time
Normally, the jetpack only lasts twenty seconds. Change weapons,
then return to get twenty seconds back. You must use this before
you run out of time.
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