Чит коды на Восставшие окорочка (NGB)

Также известная как: Chicken Run
Medal system
The game's passwords work by entering various medals. To change the
default medal (Bronze) to one of the others, press Down the following
number of times:

Cross: Press Down.
Valor: Press Down(2).
Silver: Press Down(3).
Honor: Press Down(4).
Bravery: Press Down(5).
Crown: Press Down(6).
Diamond: Press Down(7).

Enter Crown, Bronze, Honor, Valor as a password.

Level skip
Enter Honor, Valor, Bronze, Silver as a password. Pause game play and
press Select to advance to the next level.

Unlimited time
Enter Diamond, Honor, Cross, Crown as a password.

Level Password
2 Bronze, Cross, Crown, Bravery
3 Diamond, Bravery, Honor, Bronze
4 Cross, Bravery, Bronze, Bronze
5 Honor, Crown, Diamond, Crown
6 Valor, Diamond, Cross, Silver
7 Honor, Valor, Cross, Bronze
8 Diamond, Silver, Cross, Crown
9 Honor, Valor, Bravery, Diamond
10 Bronze, Bravery, Cross, Bravery
11 Silver, Cross, Silver, Diamond
12 Bravery, Diamond, Cross, Valor
13 Silver, Cross, Bravery, Bravery
14 Valor, Crown, Valor, Valor
15 Bronze, Crown, Cross, Honor
16 Valor, Silver, Bravery, Bravery
17 Bronze, Silver, Valor, Diamond
18 Crown, Valor, Diamond, Silver
19 Cross, Silver, Silver, Crown
20 Silver, Diamond, Valor, Bravery
21 Crown, Valor, Cross, Silver
22 Honor, Cross, Crown, Cross
23 Crown, Silver, Cross, Honor
24 Honor, Diamond, Valor, Diamond
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