Чит коды на Powerpuff Girls: Bad Mojo Jojo (NGB)

Enter these cheats as password at th Enter secrets menu:

Code Result
GIRLPOWER - Unlimited Super Attack
CHEMICALX - Unlock Buttercup
EBWORLD - Power-up
BROCCOLOID - Mayor graphics and super attack
TOWNSVILLE - Powerpuff Girls suburban home trading card:
ROACHCOACH - Roach Coach trading card
SEDUSA - Sedusa trading card
BOOGIEMAN - Bubbles graphics and super attack
DOGMODE - Unlimited Lives
IGOTWINGS - Unlimited Flight
BENSNAILS - Butch Graphic
USESNIPS - Boomer Graphic
TAILSRULE - Brick Graphic
DUSTBOOMER - Secret Boomer Level
GOGETBUTCH - Secret Butch Level
RICHARDKIM - Secret Pictures
BILLSGIRLS - Secret Pictures
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