Чит коды на Pokemon Yellow (NGB)

How to catch/find Entei, Raikou,or Suicune easily:
First, duplicate the masterball a couple times, then chase one of the legendary pokemon until you are aligned with their nest. Next, use any kind of repel and make sure someone who knows "sweet scent" is in your party. Use it on their nest, then they should show up. Use the masterball.

Infinite Health - Gameshark Code:

Get All Eevee Evolutions:
When you get Eevee from bill in Goldenrod City, catch a Ditto and give them to the day care couple at the same time. Go in back and check to make sure that they are interested in each other. Wait two days and then pick up an egg -- the man will be in the yard and you do not have to take Eevee or Ditto back. A couple of hours later, return for a second egg, and later again for a third. It takes two days to hatch them, and you can now get four evolutions. Breed another Eevee with another Ditto for the last evolution.

Fight Eusine and Get Itemscope:
In order to fight the Suicune admirer, catch the legendary water dog, Suicune, then head back to the platform where the three legendary dogs were located. Use an Escape Rope, and you will end up on the roof. There is a ladder in the left hand side in order to get down, or you can jump through the broken roof. Navigate through the labyrinth of holes to find a ladder to the basement. Climb down, and you will see Eusine. Please note, he is not an easy opponent. He uses the three starters at L50, a Level 60 Blissey, a Level 65 Crobat, and then a Level 45 Celebi. If you defeat him, you earn 15,602 Pokemoney, and he will give you the Itemscope, which makes invisible items visible. Examine the pillar next to him to learn that he used it to find the GS Ball with Celebi.

You can get the PokeRus infection from a Yanma at Route 35, below bug catcher Arnie. Go up and down the grassy area. Add Bug Catcher Arnie to your list he will call you if he sees these rare Pokemon. You will know when you have the PokeRus because Professor Elm will call you and give you information about it (and tell you not to worry). Look at the stats on your Pokemon and you will see a shiny dot at the bottom right side (like a shiny Pokemon) and see the word PokeRus. It lasts two to four days and will spread to the other Pokemon in your party. Infect some and store them to keep the PokeRus going. Trade an infected Pokemon to the Pokemon Gold or Silver only -- it will not work on other versions. Take the infected Pokemon to a Pokecenter and heal. The nurse will say that your Pokemon has tiny bugs all over it -- but they do not seem to be harming them. The PokeRus virus is good, not bad. Pokemon that have it will gain twice as much experience after a battle. Getting the virus is extremely rare. You have a 3 in 65536 chance of getting it after a battle. The virus will wear off (healing at a PokкCenter will not end it). Once the virus is gone the Pokemon will be immune to future infections, and cannot infect other Pokemon. You will see a tiny dot in the corner. You can group infected Pokemon using Pokemon Stadium 2.

Pokкmon Trade:
Some Pokemon hold items when they are caught. These items may be rare or common. Other Pokemon may hold various items such as Nuggets and Berries. And some Pokemon may carry items when imported from Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. These items are mainly Berries and Bitter Berries, but sometimes are Big Pearls or Star Pieces.

To get a waterstone:
Get Tully the Fisher phone number. Wait for a while he will call you and he will say " I have found something for you...." go to him and to talk to him and he will give you a waterstone.

Phone Fun:
In Pokemon Crystal many phone conversations have changed and sometimes people will even give you rare stones, so get as many phone numbers as possible to get a better chance of receiving a stone from one of your phone buddies.

Easily Catch any Pokкmon:
You can breed Pokкmon at the Pokкmon Daycare Center just before you enter Goldenrod City. If you breed a male scyther there, who only knows the move "False Swipe" (he learns it at level 18)(go to the "Move Deleter" at Blackthorn City to delete all the other moves (If you can't go there yet, never mind)) with a female paras (or parasect), You will probably get an egg, if you walk around for a while (You will have an egg when the Day-care man stands outside in the backyard. Just enter the house and then go through the other door). When you walk some more, eventually, the egg will hatch. You will certainly have a paras, and there's a big chance that he knows "False Swipe" (It deals damage to the other Pokкmon BUT leaves at least 1 HP) raise it until it learns "Spore", a move for putting enemy Pokкmon to sleep wich has a high hit percentage. Now you can put any Pokкmon to sleep, then swipe it until it has 1 HP left, and CATCH IT! I used this trick to capture Suicune, Entei, Raikou, The red Gyarados, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and many, many more

To get a thunderstone:
Get the phone number from Dana Lass, wait a while then she will call you and say "I have a gift for you...." go talk to her, she will give you a thunderstone!

To get a leaf stone:
Go to Bill in Kento and talk to him, he will ask you to show you him a Lickatung. After you let him see the pokemon he will give you somthing. Then go back and talk to him again, he will ask you to show him a oddish you show him the pokemon and he will give you a leaf stone!

To get a sunstone and the other stones:
Go to National Park for the bug catching contest and then win and you will get a sunstone or others

To get a silver wing:
Go to pewter city and find an old man by the mart and talk to him anything he asked you , say yes. He will say " here i want you to have this...." he will give you a silver wing.

Get a leaf stone:
After you win a battle with Picnicker Gina on route 34 get her number and when she calls talk to her to get a leaf stone

Copy a Pokкmon:
First save front of the PC in Pokкmon Center. Put in a Pokкmon and change box when SAVING... DON'T TURN OF THE POWER! Exactly show turn of and turn on the game go in the box you BEFORE you change there are the Pokкmon you put in

How to get pokemon #251:
After either defeating the johto league or the normal league (I'm not sure witch) go and see Kurt (pokeballmaker) and he will give you a gs ball. Then take this ball to the shrine in the forest and inside the ball will be pokemon #251

Get a level 100 Lugia with all the attacks:
It's simple. Just go to the bug catching contest and catch a level 15 pincir and take it to one of the whirl islands and catch a level 15 cloyster and put it in the day-care with the pincir and wait for both the pokemon to reach level 30 and bring them to the red heads that are hidden in goldenrod. Give the pokemon to the 3 girls and they will give you a master ball and inside will be a small level 100 lugia.

Catch legendary birds easy:
When you find a legendary bird then stop right in front of it and save the game. So every time you lose and don't catch that bird then you turn your game off and turn it right back on so you will not have to go to the poke league without any high leveled pokemon
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