Чит коды на Pokemon Trading Card Game (NGB)

In-game reset
Press A + B + Start + Select during game play to
reset the game.

Get heads on coin
Press A when the Pikachu coin is spinning right on
Pikachu's face. Note: This requires precise timing.

Get tails on coin
Press Up just before the opponent's coin is displayed
when battling an opponent. If done correctly, it will
land on tails most of the time.

Free booster pack
To get a free booster pack, go to your PC.

Start a duel with anyone. As soon as you receive your hand,
pick the top card and select "Check". Turn off game off, then
back on. Choose "Continue" from the diary. When you continue,
you will be in front of the person you were dueling previously.
They will say that they lost and will give you booster packs.
Note: This works on all opponents, including the Grand Masters.

To get the easiest booster packs, fight the girl on the left where
the leader is in the Water gym. She has two prizes and always
brings out Staryu, Dratini, and Goldeen. Be sure to make a very
good Lightning deck. She will only give you two Coliseum packs.
Every booster contains a free Gyardos and Diglett; you will find a
good selection.

Go to a club and talk to the master. Then, go to a computer to get
an easy booster pack, even if you have already gotten that mail.

Four booster packs from battling
Go to Imanaku in the Fighting Club after talking to a girl at the
Fire Club. Talk to her and she will tell you to look for Imanaku.
Battle him. If you win, he will give you four booster packs.

Unlimited energy cards
In Dr. Masons Lab, both Sam and Aaron will give you a pack full of
energy when you defeat them/ Sam only plays with two prizes, making
him faster to defeat.

To get ten free energy cards, go to Sam at Dr. Mason's Laboratory.
Challenge him to a normal duel. If you get the first move do the
1. Place Goldeen on the arena
2. Place Staryu on the bench
3. Attach one water energy on Goldeen
4. Attack with Horn Attack
5. Attach a Psychic energy to Goldeen
6. Evolve it into a Seaking
7. Attack w/ Waterfall
8. Attack with Horn Attack
9. Attach Water energy on Staryu
10. Attack with Waterfall
11. Replace Seaking with Staryu
12. Attack with Slap
13. Use Potion on Staryu
14. Attach any energy on Staryu
15. Attack with Slap
16. Evolve it into Starmie
17. Attack with Starfreeze (2x)
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