Чит коды на Pokemon Pinball (NGB)

Faster ball upgrade
Press Left to move the light when the Pokeball hits the first three
lights at the top. It can also be moved by pressing A.

Moving Pokemon in Pokedex
Select an unevolved or basic Pokemon, then press Start to watch it
move in the Pokedex. Note: This trick only works when the game is
played in a Game Boy Color system.

Pokedex record
Enter the Pokedex and press Select to view how many Pokemon have been
obtained and seen. The ones you have seen in your Pokedex are shadows.

Hint: Reset high scores
The instruction manual that comes with the game contains an error.
The correct way to reset the high scores data is as follows. Press B at
the title screen to enter the high scores table. Press Up + Select.
The "Delete Data?" message will appear. Press A to reset the high scores
to the presets, or press B to cancel and return to the high scores table.

Hint: Tilts
Press Down to right tilt, B to left tilt, or Select to up tilt.

Hint: Extra ball
To get a extra ball, get Pikachu to shock the ball twenty to thirty times.
To make it easier, try to get "Double Pikachu".

Hint: Unlimited balls
To keep your ball from dropping, repeatedly tilt the table as the ball starts
to fall down the hole. If done correctly, the ball should pop back out.

Hint: Great, Ultra, and Master Balls
To get a Great, Ultra, or a Master ball, light up the three lights at the top
of either table. You do this by touching the small rectangles directly under
the lights. The lights can be moved by pressing A. You can go through the same
rectangle and still go from a Great Ball to an Ultra Ball to a Master Ball.

Hint: Recommended controls
Set the game controls to the following effective and practical configuration.
A: Right flipper
B: Left flipper
Up: Tilt/bump table up
Left: Tilt/bump table left
Right: Tile/bump table left
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