Чит коды на Pokemon Crystal (NGB)

[Platform: Game Boy Color]

Defeat Brock easily:
Before fighting Brock, raise a caterpie to a Butterfree and you will easily defeat Brock.

Duplicate a Pokemon:
Trade the Pokemon and just before it says trade successful 1 of the 2 peeps turn of the Game Boy. If this is not performed rightly the Pokemon will be set free into the wild.

Rare candy:
First you need to go to Cerulen city to the house that the man speaks about badges don't talk to him get out to the other door then you will be in a small "garden" walk arround in the right side of it pressing the A button a rare candy will apear.

Duplicate a Pokemon:
To duplicate pokemon by trading between any 2 pokemon games you get a good pokemon that you wanna duplicate on one of the game boys and a crappy pokemon on the other. Go to the trading center, and let the person with the pokemon to be duplicated talk to the lady first. Do the trade and when EACH GameBoy says waiting, turn off the GameBoy that had the good pokemon. Then wait a few seconds until the other GameBoy says "trade completed" then you shut that one off. If "trade completed" doesnt show up then you did it wrong.

Easy win:
To easily win at pokemon yellow you trade your picachu over to a red or blue game and you feed it some rare candys (wich you can duplicate in exese) until it is up to level 100, trade it back to the yellow game it will STILL obey you!

Get Mew:
Trade with a friend a pokemon with cut. So you don't have to go into the S.S. Anne. Come back to the ship when you have surf. Surf near the ship and you will find mew you can only catch him with the masterball

Get on bike path without a bike:
Go to bike path in Celadon City without bike and go into bike path, when the guard stops you press Left and B rapidly and you will get past he guard without a bike. (if doesnt work first time keep trying, it worked for me)

Get a L 100 Yoshi without a GameShark code:
THIS CODE WONT WORK IF YOU ALREADY CAUGHT THE MEWTWO. First, go to Viridian to talk to the old man who shows you how to catch a pokemon. Then go the Cerulean City to get through the unknown dungeon. use repel spray to get through, as running into a wild pokemon will mess up the code. When you get to the area Mewtwo is usually located. you will find Yoshi. Unluckily, the only ball that can catch him is the master ball. Yoshi wont be listed in the Pokedex.

First go to the safari zone and say yes to the question. After you go in come right back out. He'll ask you if you're leaving early. Say no. Go back in and save. Reset the gameboy and leave. He'll ask you if you want to join the hunt. Say no and leave. Then go to Cinnabar Island and surf on the east coast. Keep on surfing until the bell rings. You'll be back in the house. He'll say "did you get a good haul". Then just leave the house and you'll be in Glitch City...

How to find missingnow:
First you must buy 7 calciums,9 irons,8 proteins and 6 carbos. Toss everything that you just bought. Now save your game. Now turn your gameboy off then back on. Beat the elite 4. Watch all credits without turning off your game boy. You should appear in pallette town. Surf the shore at pallette town, you could find mew, mewtwo, zapdos, moltres, articoono and missingnow.

In-game reset:
Hold Select + Start + B + A during game play to restart.
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