Чит коды на NFL Blitz (NGB)

Cheat codes:
To enter these codes, go to the match-up screen in exhibition mode. Use Start, B and A and press the button the indicated number of times. Example: 2-3-1-Up = Start, Start, B, B, B, A, Up.

Code Description
2-0-2-Right - Desert field
2-2-2-Right - Night game
3-2-3-Down - Parking lot
3-3-3-Left - No pointer
4-2-3-Down - No fumbles
4-3-3-Up - Invisible receiver
5-1-4-Up - Unlimited turbo
5-5-1-Up - Strange colors
0-0-6-Up - Start in overtime

Unlock Emerysville Eclipse team:
Enter 00606744 as the password.

Unlock Midway Blitzers team:
Enter 06267545 as the password.

Start as the Bills:
Enter 75566677 as the password.
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