Чит коды на NBA Hoopz (NGB)

Enter these codes at the Play Match screen:

Description Code
Infinite Turbo - Ball, A, B and press Up.
Show Hot Spot - A, Ball, Ball and press Down
Disable On Fire - B, B, B and press Left
Unlock Island court - N, B, A and press Right
Unlock Stadium court - B, B, N and press Left
Unlock Factory court - N, A, B and press Down
Unlock Future court - Ball, N, B and press Up
Unlock Night Club court - N, Ball, A and press Left
Unlock Oil Rig court - B, A, Ball and press Right
Unlock Practice court - A, A, B and press Down
Unlock Prison court - B, Ball, N and press Right
Unlock Rooftop court - N, N, N and press Up
Unlock Volcano court - A, B, N and press Left
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