Чит коды на Muscle Ranking GB 2 (NGB)

Struck Out 2
Defeat Struck Out 1.

Little boy participant
Defeat Struck Out 2.

Superdive EX:
Defeat Superdive 97.

Little girl participant:
Defeat Superdive EX.


Better score in Triple Muscle Building event
Play as the little girl or boy -- you must be pretty built up.

Super Dive 97: Knock out 7, 8, and 9
Press A (or B) once to start running.
Then, hold Right until you hit the water.

Super Dive 97: Knock out 1, 2,and 3
Press A (or B) to start running. When you get to the sixth
metal pole (under the start of the third cloud), press A and
B as fast as possible. Then when you are in the air, press Left
three or four times. If done correctly, you should sail right
through it.

Super Dive 97: Knock out 4, 5, and 6
Press A and B as fast as possible at the start.
Stop as soon as you see the red edge.

Superdive EX tips
All are same as Super Dive 97, with the following exception.
To get 4 and 6, you have to go in the five lane. When you stop
pressing A and B when you see the red carpet, hold Down (or Up)
until you fall off the platform.

Game Maker
The less you bounce the ball, the higher your score.

Sasuke: Stage 2
When you start, wait for the first metal object to go come down and
then go back up off the screen. you Should be able to hop on all
three columns with no problem.

Sasuke: Final Sasuke
Hold Up while pressing A and B to go faster.
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