Чит коды на Monster Rancher Explorer (NGB)

Unlimited number of a monster:
Note: This trick may take some time. Decide what monster you want.
They are in the following order: Suezo, Mocchi, Hare, Tiger, Golem,
and Gali. Make sure that you do not get the bonus stage in stage 6.
Go through the game finding the bonuses until you get the monster
just before the one you want. Then, go to the bonus stage in stage
6 to catch the monster just after the last one you caught
(according to the list). Keep restarting the tower and going to
stage 6 repeatedly until you get as many as needed. As long as you
also collect the mystery disk pieces you should not run out of them.

Alf Doll (Changes all monsters in the level to Suzurizos)
Aya doll (Unknown)
Battlecard (Unknown)
Bell (calls Susurizo)
Big Bomb (big fireworsk attack)
Blue Crystal (Fireworks range increases)
Blue Diamond (5000 points)
Blue Hourglass (sets time to 10000)
Cake (100,000 points)
Cox's hat (extra life)
Disc Stone Piece (collect four of them for a full disc stone)
Duck Doll (destroys all enemies on a level)
Fireplace (increases amount of fireworks you can carry)
Gold Key (opens a door)
Gold Medal (1,000 points)
Gold Nugget (2,000 points)
Golden Peach (500,000 points)
Gunpowder (converts bombs)
Half Pill (multiplies life by two)
Heal Badge (10,000 points)
Monster flame (Complete the level with it to go to a bonus stage to a monster)
Orange Hourglass (sets time to 5000)
Platinum Ring (50,000 points)
Red Crystal (Fireworks range increases greatly)
Red Diamond (500 points)
Red Disc Stone (Holds the phoenix; found in level 10 of the basement)
Silver Key (Unlocks a level in the basement)
Silver Medal (100 points)
Silver Nugget (200 points)
Silver Peach (500,000 points)
Small Bomb (small fireworks attack)
Whole Pill (multiplies life by 5)

Golem (found in level 22)
Mocchi (found in level 58)
Phoenix (found in Level 10 of Basement)
Suezo (found in Level 44)
Tiger (found in level 56)
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