Чит коды на Meta Fight (NGB)

Level Password
1 E6C3D3KF
2 E6D3D3KG
3 E7C3D3KH
4 E7D3D3KI
5 F6C3D3KQ
6 F6D3D3KR
7 F7C3D3KU
8 F7D3D3KT

Super passwords
Enter one of the following passwords to begin game play
fully powered up at the indicated level.

Level Password
1 I2O2G7KV
2 M6P3H7K0
3 M7O3H7K1
4 M7P3H7K2
5 N6O3H7KA
6 N6P3H7KB
7 N7O3H7KC
8 N7P3H7KD
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