Чит коды на Mega Man Extreme 2 (NGB)

Xtreme mode
Successfully complete the game with either Zero or X. Iris will
talk to you and the game will end. When you load that saved game,
you will be in Xtreme Mode. Xtreme Mode will also be one of the
options in the mission selection screen. In Xtreme Mode, you start
with both X and Zero and can go to any of the levels. You can get
different weapons if you defeat one of X's Bosses with Zero and
vice versa.

Boss Attack mode
Successfully complete the game in Xtreme mode to unlock Boss
Attack mode without spending any DNA souls.

Hint: Ninth Capsule
There is a secret Dr. Light capsule in the game which gives you
the Hadoken and Shoryuken. It is on the third Sigma stage as X,
just before you would go and battle with Velcana. There is a long
vertical corridor with the rocket platforms you have to climb up
(because both sides of the room are electrified). At the very top,
Air Dash right through the electric wall into a room with Dr.
Light. He will give you the Hadoken and Shoryuken. To use them,
charge up the X-Buster to maximum. Then, press Up + A to do the
Shoryuken and Down + A to do the Hadoken.

Hint: Boss attack mode armor
Press Select when starting Boss attack mode to give X his armor.

Hint: Extra lives
Use the following trick to easily get the maximum number of lives,
nine, with Zero or when playing in Xtreme mode. Go to Zero's first
level. Near the beginning there is a part where you have to ride on
a platform. Instead of getting on the one that goes to the right,
get on the one that goes up. There will be an area there that has
an extra life. Collect the extra life then exit the level. Note:
You must have already completed the level on order to exit. Then,
return and repeat until you have nine lives.

Hint: Get Laser Enhancer for X without getting his head part
If you want to get everything but the head part for X (you do not
need to get the head part), you need to have the machine which
enables you to switch between X and Zero. With X, jump, then jump
again on the side of the blocks that break. While you are on the
side still jumping, switch to Zero. Zero must have his head part
in order for this to work. Start jumping and crushing the blocks
with Zero, then change to X and get the Arm Enhancer.. This useful
because when you get fourth armor, you can only hold two parts.
However, if you have every piece of armor except the head, you can
still hold four parts. The head is only useful for getting the arm
enhancer. It is much easier to defeat Bosses holding four parts.
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