Чит коды на Mega Man Extreme (NGB)

Hard mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock a harder version
of the game.

Extreme mode
Successfully complete the game under hard mode. Extreme mode
consists of the eight Bosses without the story version of the

Hint: Foot Capsule
Go to the Chill Penguin stage, and keep going until you find
the Capsule. Note to get other capsules, you may first need
to get the Foot upgrade.

Hint: Head Capsule
Advance ahead in the Storm Eagle stage and keep going until
you see a long metal crisscross bar. Go down and drop down.
Slide-jump onto the platform to the right. Keep firing at the
explosives, and when they explode go into the room to find the

Hint: X-Buster Capsule
Note: You first need the head upgrade. In the Spark Mandrill
stage, go to the second dark room. Keep going and look at the
ceiling of the stage. If you are quick enough, you should be
able to see some blocks that are breakable with the head upgrade.
Keep jumping and breaking the blocks to end up in a room with
the X-Buster Capsule.

Hint: Body Capsule
Go to the Flame Stag stage. You can find the capsule in the stage
on a hidden platform in a place where lava appears.

Hint: Zero Capsules

One of the Zero Capsules is in the Armored Armadillo stage. When
you get to the place with the third mini-train, ride on it. When
you are where the little flying birds are located, slide-jump when
the car is about to land and crash. Press B when facing the wall to
climb it to reach a room with the capsule.

In the Wheel Gator stage, go to a room where you can climb to the
top/ You will see a hole leading up. Jump over there (the Foot
upgrade is required) and climb the wall until reaching the top. An
easier way is to charge up the S.Burner move. Let go when jumping
over to the other side of the room.

In the Magna Centipede stage, keep going until you reach a part
with a hole leading up to the ceiling. Make sure that the box that
falls down and shoots you is still hanging on the ceiling. Charge
up the S.Burner and fly over there. Climb up to get a capsule.

This capsule is found In the Morph Moth Stage. In the beginning of
the stage, keep using the S.Wheel near the magnet part until a hole
appears. Go down the hole and the capsule should be there.

The following capsule is only available in hard and xtreme modes.
In Morph Moth's zone, go to the auto save platform. Jump into it
then hop off to the right. Next, go into your Boss weapons and
choose Wheel Gator's weapon. Run over to the wall that is about
Megaman's size. Then, turn and face the auto save platform, but
keep you back to the wall. Shoot tne Wheel Gator's weapon and it
should dig up the ground. Go down the hole to find the capsule

Hint: Hidden Moves Capsule
In one of the Sigma stages is a fully spiked wall that you cannot
touch. There is a ladder next to it, on the top and the bottom.
You need to get to the top ladder in order to get to the hidden
capsule. Charge up the R. Shield and slide-jump into the spiked
wall. You will not die with the shield on when standing on the
spikes. Slide-jump to the left to get to the ladder. Climb up,
and go through the enemies and spike with the shield until you
reach the end of the room. There is a big hole there. Hold Left
on the wall on the left and slide down slowly until you fall into
a room. The capsule is located there, with the moves from Street
Fighter characters Ryu And Ken, the Hadou-ken and the Shoryuken.

To get the hidden capsule in the Sigma Stage, you do not need the
R. Shield. Get the Flying Platform from below and guide it to the
ladder. You can get the capsule in any mode this way.

Hint: Shatokan moves in normal mode
After you pass the first moving platform, you will reach a second one.
Navigate this all the way to the top. This may take some practice, but
it works. When you reach the top, jump on the platform one final time
to move to your right. Jump on the top ladder immediately before the
spikes. You will go into an auto save. Charge up your Speed Burner and
dash over the spikes. Then, charge it again to jump over the row of
spikes and avoid the other spikes after the jump. Slide down the left
wall until you go into a piece of the wall. Once there, you will find
the Street Fighter moves. You will need all the upgrades to reach the

Hint: Unlimited lives
This can only be done after you have unlocked Hard Mode -- you have to
go to Morph Moth's stage to do it. When you first start, move forward
past the two pillars with robots on them, then dash-jump right from the
second pillar and wall jump up. There is an life waiting there. If you
have already defeated Morph Moth, you can keep going back and getting
it repeatedly.

Hint: Shoryu-Ken and the Hadou-Ken
To use the Shoryu-Ken, charge the Mega Buster, hold Up and release B
(if charged manually) or press B (if charged automatically). The
Hadou-Ken is the same except hold Down. The Hadou-Ken resembles Goku's
Kama Ma Wave (from Dragon Ball Z) and the Shoryu-Ken looks like Mega
Man X4's charged rising fire.

Hint: Heart piece
Once you get the Fire Burner, go to Chill Penguin's stage. Get to the
part where you get in the robot. Jump across the small canyon and stand
on the pillar. Once on the pillar, jump up. As soon as you are in the air,
jump out of the robot and wall jump up the rest of the cliff wall. Outside
the first building, use your Fire Burner until you destroy it. You will
find a heart piece that will give you a little extra health.

Hint: Extra lives
This trick is useful if you cannot defeat a Boss. Go to Flame Stag's level
(preferably after Flame Stag has already been defeated). At the part
immediately after the auto-save, where you have to jump up the walls to
avoid the rising lava, go straight. You will see an extra life in a sort
of nook. Collect it and quickly exit the level. Repeat this to get up to
nine lives.
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