Чит коды на Mario Kart Super Circuit (NGB)

SNES version:
If you finish 50, 100 or 150cc on any cup you have to play again and find as many coins as you can. Get on first place and you will get, if you play mushroom cup 50cc, the mushroom cup 50cc snes version and if you play 150cc special cup you'll get the 150cc special cup snesversion and so on...

Alternate title screen:
Successfully complete all circuits in all classes to change the background color of the title screen.

Control player selection screen:
At the character selection screen, press L to shoot a green shell or press R to jump.

Use horn:
During a race, press Select to use the horn. This can also be done in the character select screen.

Quick start:
Just before the last light turns on during the pre-race countdown, press Gas to get a quick start.

Delete game:
Hold L + R + B + Start and power on the system to delete the current saved data.
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