Чит коды на Mario Golf (NGB)

Left handed golfer:
Hold Select and press A when you choose the golfer.

Unlock bonus characters:
Wario: Place 1st in the club tournaments and beat all the club masters.
Putts: Beat him with a custom character
Tiny: Beat him in a match game.
Grace: Beat her in a match game.
Gene Yuss: Beat him in a match game.

Earn 300 experience points:
Find the other three characters in the game (you will not be able to find the character you are playing as). The characters and their locations are listed as follows:

Sherry - Northernmost part of Tiny Tots
Azalea - Far right part of Palm's Putting Grounds
Joe - Far left part of Raven Woods
Kid - In the tree by the entrance to the Links Club Putting Range

1 Up mushrooms:
You can find 1 Up mushrooms in 2 different places:
1: Press A facing the cabinet on the left in the club maker's house (the shack in the middle of the map).
2: In Marion Clubhouse where the President is. Go in the second room to the right and press A facing the only cabinet.
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