Чит коды на Lufia: The Legend Returns (NGB)

Delete saved game
Hold Start while powering on the Game Boy Color.
Answer "Yes" at the prompt to delete your saved
game data.

Hint: Saving the game
When you save a game, you do not have to find a church
or symbol. Press Select to go to your map, then save it
in the field log. When the screen goes blank, turn off
your Game Boy Color. The data is now saved. When you want
to play again, turn on the Game Boy Color on, select
"Resume" and you begin at the place you saved.

Hint: Easy level up
Answer the question from the green blob at the end of the
Ancient Cave with "Nothing", then defeat the first enemy
you meet outside. Your level will now be four to five times

Hint: Getting new items in Ancient Cave
Go to the Ancient Cave. Every five or ten floors, you will
meet an old man who sells items that are just in your price
range. Exit his menu, then go back. He will have new items
for sale based on your new income.

To get powerful equipment after Amon, use your ship to get
to Gulduck. Save the game, then go to the ladder above the
town. Enter the Ancient Cave and look for blue treasure chests
until you get to the 100th level. Then, continue up to the
200th level and use the Providence to escape.

Hint: Shops
In every shop with a door behind the shopkeeper, you can go
behind the building and get in through that door by pressing
A. This allows you to get the items in the treasure chests.
Also in Majari, if you enter through the back door, talk to
the innkeeper and he will let you stay for free.

Hint: Secret items
In most towns, the shopkeepers will sell you secret items
if you go in through the back way.

Hint: Daos Ring
Defeat Daos for the third time.

Hint: Daos Stone
Defeat Daos in your second battle for three rounds.

Hint: Dragon Scale armor
Defeat the older Ancient (A.) Dragon, to get a Dragon Scale armor.
This is an excellent armor for Wain. It is the best you can get in
the game for awhile.

Hint: Gades Bracelet and Gades Blade
Defeat Gades the first time to get a Gades Bracelet, which boost
your attack by 100 and defense by 200. This is very helpful throughout
the game because it can be used in the Ancient Cave. If you defeat him
a second time, you will get a Gades Blade. Note: You must be at least
at level 20. This is very hard to obtain but will help in the long run.

Hint: Terror Armor
Defeat Daos in your first battle for three rounds.

Hint: Defeating the Egg Dragon
Use a potion on the Egg Dragon. Your next attacker will kill him in one
hit. After you kill the Egg Dragon, you will get 60,000 experience points,
money, and 61,963 LP. It is the best way to level up on LP and levels.

Hint: Defeating Gades
Note: This trick works on both the first and second encounters.
Make sure you have the IP Skill Head Crush, and at least 15 Hi Bombs.
Use Head Crush on your first turn, then follow it with Hi Bombs using
other characters. Do not heal because Gades' attacks will kill you with
one blow.
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