Чит коды на Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (NGB)

Super passwords:
Enter the following password into a new file under the "Secrets" selection.
Your name will be Link, and it will be just like a brand new file of a
Seasons "Linked" file, except this password will not have the Bipin and
Blossom kid as a teen because he does not have a name. Your sword is already
with you at the start screen.

t b Heart f b Y Left Arrow t D Club
Square Circle N ( ! y $ s ~ 3
Enter the following password into a new file under the "Secrets" selection.
A Triforce will be next to Link at the main screen. You will start with
the Victory Ring (Triforce Ring) showing you beat Ganon.

t b Heart S b $ g s Square /
Square f 4 ( ! Y $ ? ~ 7
Hint: Passwords:
The passwords that are revealed when the game is completed are not valid
for other players. Each game has its own specific password for the ending
from people. It all depends on your name, what you do with Bipin and Blossom,
and other things such as Gasha seeds, rings and your lives lost. The password
is used for a link game to The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages. Passwords you
get in Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages are already in Legend Of Zelda:
Oracle Of Seasons, but only in the games memory of when you completed
the game. If you take a password from a completely different link game
and enter it, it will not be valid. Otherwise, take passwords from Legend
Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages and put them in Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Seasons
to get the Master Sword or Biggoron's Sword.

Hint: See in the dark:
If you have not Ember Seeds and you need to see in the darkness, press Start
or Select. For a very short while you will see all the paths that are not
visible because of the darkness. Note: This does not work for hidden paths.

Hint: Quick save:
Press Start + Select during game play to go directly to the save screen.

Hint: Hidden shop:
Play the game in a Game Boy Advance. Go to Horon Village and find the locked
door next to the Target Aim mini-game. It can now be opened, allowing access
to a shop that sells all items for 100 rupees. In the shop, you can buy a
Ring that is appraised to be the GBA Nature Ring. It is described as "Life
Advanced!" in its information.

Hint: Hidden room:
After getting the Rod Of Seasons, go into the waterfall in front of you and
press Up.

Hint: Jewels:
There are four jewels to find. In a regular, unlinked, (not secrets game),
the four jewels are in the following locations:

Go in front of Dancing Dragons Den (level 4). In the upper right-hand
corner, dive into the water and enter a secret cave. The jewel is at
the end of the cave.
You need a slingshot and Mystery and Ember Seeds. Go below Hero's Cave.
Use the Slingshot to light the torch. Go on the bridge and shoot a Mystery
Seed at the question mark. Kill the Ferret-looking thing and get the jewel.
Get the first five Essences. There is a place in Holodrom Plain that will
give you a jewel if you have the five Essences. The place is several
screens south of where you find Ricky.
Go to the stump in front of Poison Moth's Lair. Change the season to
Winter. Go to the screen below and to the right of where the Heart Piece is
located. The jewel should be inside the cave.
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