Чит коды на Legend of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages (NGB)

[Platform: Game Boy Color]

($ = spade sign)
Tell this to tingle after finishing the game - J$d
Tell this to one of the fairies in the forest - J$gQ

Trading Game:
1. Woman In Her House Wanting Light - Cuccodex.
2. Cucco House North East of Horon Village - Lon Lon Egg.
3. Maple - Ghastly Doll.
4. Woman With Indoor Swimming Pool South Of Tarm Ruin Entrance - Cooking Pot
5. Subrosian Chef's Kitchen West Of Dancing Hall - Lava Soup.
6. Goron Mountain, Biggoron - Goron Vase.
7. Sunken City, Vase Collector - Fish.
8. Cat In The Tree North East Of Horon Village - Megaphone.
9. Mt. Cucco Cave, Sleeping Man - Mushroom.
10. Syrup's Potion Shop - Wooden Bird.
11. Old Clock Maker In Horon Village - Engine Grease.
12. Windmill Man East Of Horon Village - Phonograph.

Beat the beetle on level 2:
At the entrance to level 2, where one is in the past. The guide book tells you to use your shield to ward off the charging beetles and attack them with your sword. I found that that didn't work. I discovered that if you sprinkle two mystery seeds on each beetle (you have to do this really fast), the beetle will be carried off in a whirlwind.

Giant Cucco:
Before you start try this trick first make sure you have a "Mystery Seed." Now walk north a bit from Horon Village until you come to Talon's house. Inside you will find a number of Cuccos. Attack one of them with your sword until it gets mad and starts to attack. When it does throw a Mystery Seed at it and it will grow to a much larger size.

Plant a Gasha seed in of the rare location and fight as many monsters as possible until the gasha seed has grown into a tree. Save your game. Go back to the location where you plant your gasha seed and get its fruit. If you get the same item or ring , just reset and get its fruit again.

Underwater Action:
To use a weapon underwater, map it to the B button instead of A.

Quick Save:

Game Boy Advance store:
First off, you need to have GameBoy Advance to get into this "secret" area of the game. After opening your file simply go into the Rennu Town in the past, and goto the Sword Target practice mini-game. The door that was once locked is now open. In this exclusive GBA shop everything cost a measley 100 rupees. There are only 3 things for sale, a Gasha seed, a GBA Advanced Life Ring, and magical ring.

Boss tip:
I'ts not a cheat it's a hint for the 2 essence level. When you are at the boss get on one of the square things and drop a bomb in the head of the red face, do this 4-5 times and you'll beat him, but be careful if you drop a bomb in the other faces.
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