Чит коды на Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (NGB)

[Platform: Game Boy Color]

Weird warp:
Pay to play the fishing game and reel in just one fish. When asked to continue, select "No." When it says "You have to have more passion," simultaneously press A, B, Start and Select for the quick-end. Select "Return to Game." You will be at the empty fishing pond. Jump in and swim off the left side of the screen (You must have Flippers). The graphics of the Raft Shop will be scrambled. Go down 1 screen to go outside and the graphics will return to normal. Note: There is no advantage in doing this code, it is just for fun.

Change the music:
Select an empty file and enter ZELDA as your name. It must be all capital letters to work. The background music of the Player Select screen will change.

Chicken feed:
First get the Flippers and the Rooster. Go to the Raft Shop and ride the raft left to the second waterfall. Drop down the right side of it and press Select as soon as you disappear off the screen to see the map. Return to the game and you'll land on an island. You can now swim around and collect all of the items. Use the Bracelet to grab the rooster and you can collect the floating items.

Single screen warp:
When you find an obstacle that you cannot pass, go back to the left or right one screen. Stand on the edge of the screen. Just as you go to re-enter the screen with the obstacle, press Select. With proper timing, the map screen will appear. When you return to the game, you will be one screen over at the same spot. If you get stuck, don't save, try again!

Explosive arrows:
Equip both the Arrows and the Bombs, then fire them simultaneously.
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