Чит коды на Kirby's Tilt 'n Tumble (NGB)

Replay levels
Defeat King Dedede to replay any desired level.

Hard mode
Collect all the Red Stars to unlock Hard Mode.

Special mode
Collect all of the Red Stars in Hard Mode to unlock some secrets.
The sky changes pink, there are Kirbies you can control in the
opening scene, and a free-play mode will be available for mini-games.
Note: This also allows the original levels to be replayed with time

Set up a red bumper exactly vertical or horizontal with the bumper.
Repeatedly roll into the bumper to become temporarily invincible.

Use the blue glove power-up to get pushed in the air three times
consecutively to become temporarily invincible.

Enter a jumper, then jump out of it and into another jumper.
Immediately jump out again into another jumper. Jump out once
more time to become temporarily invincible.

Level 3-1: Warp to level 6
Go up to almost the end of the first bridge then fall of in the
northeast direction. Swim till you find an island (there should be
a tree on it). Approach the tree the message "Do you want to warp
to level 6?" will appear. Answer "Yes" to advance to that level.

Level 4-3: Unlimited lives
When you start level 4-3, you will see four Waddle-Dees walking
around in a circle. Flipped, they will turn into blue stars.
Collect all four of them to earn a life. Repeat this as many times
as needed.

Hint: Spying Kirby
Pause game play and slowly tilt the Game Boy Color in any direction.
A second Kirby will spy on the first one while he is sleeping .
Pop the Game Boy Color up to wake Kirby.
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